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Who would have ever thought that a tiny little shack of a building on South Kingshighway would be the best place to sell your old gold and sterling silver.
It is such a small place that I actually passed it twice before realizing which building it was.

Once you are inside, you'll realize there are no thrills here, it is strictly business. You're there to sell and they're buying. No need for a fancy store. For security you'll be buzzed in or the big burly security guard will open the door.

When it is your turn, you'll show them what you have to sell and they will test it, separate by k count and type of metal. Next they'll compute the figures and tell you a shocking $ amount. I got double of what I was anticipating and they pay cash on the spot.

Raymond F. is right, they pay better then their competitors in the city and county.
When selling precious metals it is always better to shop around, but KSDK got that consumer report right.

The only negative and I will not subtract a star for it, is the location. When I left, I walked out alone and was approached by a street person. I just quickly got in my car before he could get closer and kept telling "no" to his request. If you hit a big pay out, ask if the guard can walk you back to your car.

So clean out those jewelry boxes and china cabinets and you too will be saying the classic line from Jerry McGuire, 'Show me the money'." - Steven B.

"I am on my Purge tour, belongings and weight. I knew I wanted to unload a bunch of old gold jewelery. I did do comparison shopping and found them to have the best pricing.

I will say how exciting it was to take in broken pieces and think you wouldn't get much for it and they give you a big chunk a dough. That made for a very good day. The day I went to the Kingshighway store gold was at $1,700.00 an ounce..I've been back 3 times. I just keep finding gold and silver dimes.Make sure you ask them to cut out the stones to give to you.

If you need some money, now is the time to go through your old things and get you some." - Norma H.

"After doing my own research driving around to three competitors. These folks paid out 40% higher than the their competition! Even KSDK done their own research proving they pay out better.

Plus when I returned, I was paid out higher than original quote. That's honesty right there." - Raymond F.

"I've used multiple different companies to sell my gold in the past but my most recent selling experience was with Missouri Gold Buyers and it was my best one yet. I know now that I wont need to continue to shop around because I will get great customer service and a great price for my jewelry. I will be a repeat customer!" - Michee912

"Sold some scrap gold and silver here and received about 80% of what it was worth, pretty good if you ask me, especially after being offered about 55% at another place who said they couldn't go any higher due to overhead costs. BS. Missouri Gold Buyers has a very friendly staff, efficient service, and I was in and out in about 5 minutes! I will not go anywhere else. Highly suggested." - Justin

"Excellent selling experience. I worked with J.R., the manager, and he explained everything to me from measurements to prices to margins. I learned so much and I walked away with more money than I had expected. Highly recommended!" - Countrystar28

"I went to to Missouri Gold Buyers because I heard all the hype about selling gold and wanted to see if I could get rid of some old jewely that was just sitting there. I went to several places including Missouri Gold Buyers to see what my jewelry was worth. The employee at Missouri Gold Buyers greeted me with a smile the moment I walked in and treated me with courtesy and respect the entire time I was having my jewelry assessed....which is not what I can say of the few other places I visited. I can't say how much I appreciated the professionalism and the price given. I would recommend this play to anyone and have done several times since my visit!" - STLMommy

"By far the most honest and highest payment on my gold, went to five! different places! And they blew there best offer away! Thank you!" - Tyler

"I would recomend Missouri Gold Buyers to anyone looking to be informed and fully involved in selling process of there unwanted or broken jewelery . The employees were very open and informative about everything they were doing and why they were doing it. I even recieved a few bids from other jewelers and gold buying companies and Missouri Gold Buyers maintained they're reputation as the highest paying." - BigBob62

"Exceeded expectations. I was surprised to see how much money I received when bringing in just a little bit of gold. The staff was extremely friendly and explained the whole process to me." - Matulasho

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